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  • What is your Service Guarantee?
    I want my clients to be happy with the service that they receive from me. So, I offer you two weeks from the date that I see you to "live in your new do" and if there is anything that you are unsatisfied with I will adjust it for you at no charge.
  • How do I book my appointment?
    You may book online, email, call or text for your appointment. email: tel: 1 (651) 356-5243
  • Will I receive a confirmation reminder for my appointment?
    You will be sent an automated confirmation text to remind you of your upcoming appointment by text or email. If you should need to cancel or change the date of your appointment. I request a minimum of 24 hour notice by you directly.
  • Do you take walk-ins?
    No, normally I do not take walk in's. All services are by appointment. I am usually booked well in advance. However, I do get cancellations on occasion so my recommendation is to email, call or text me to see if I have any availability in my schedule. Email: Tel : 1(651) 356-5243
  • Where are you located?
    6819 York Avenue South, Suite 101, Edina, MN 55435. You are looking for the "Phenix Salon Suites". Salon is located in the Yorkdale Shoppes near Chipotle, Caribou, and Cub Foods.
  • I arrived at the salon and the door is locked, what do I do?"
    Please arrive on time and have a seat in your car. Call or text me directly to let me know you have arrived. You will need to wear a face mask during the entire service until further notice. I will greet you outside to let you in once you are ready. I am located in Suite 101, which is the first suite in front, just left of the waterfall. tel : 1(651) 356-5243
  • May I bring my children with me to my appointment?
    Since COVID-19, by state law all salons are limited seating and to reduce the risk of spread; Sarah Jane Salon will no longer be taking more then 1-2 person at a time in the salon. Please find alternative solution for your children before planning your next appointment with me.
  • What Payment Methods do you accept?
    I accept cash, checks, venmo and debit/credit cards. A convenience fee of 3.00% is applied to all Visa, MasterCard, American Express cards using square card reader.
  • What is your refund policy?
    All products and services are non-refundable. I have a no refund policy on services completed. Please see my 'Service Guarantee."
  • Can you refuse a service to someone?
    Yes, I may refuse a service to someone.
  • What is your cancellation & late arrival policy?
    If you fail to cancel an appointment within 24 hours, you will be charged 50% of the service upon your next booking schedule. I understand things come up, but please be respectful of my time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, I reserve the right to cancel your appointment and reschedule. I recommend that you book your next appointment prior to leaving the salon so that I can be sure to accommodate your schedule.
  • What if I forget to No Call/No Show for my appointment?
    You will be charged full price upon rebooking. If you don’t show, fail to call or cancel last minute more than once you will no longer be able to book appointments with me without prepaying first.
  • What kind of Glue do you use?
    I use a medical grade/formaldehyde-free glue. It is one of the strongest bond glues out there which help keep your extension attached for a longer period of time. It contains Ethyl 3 Cyranoacrylate, which is used in the medical field for suture-free wounds. Upon request, we can also order special glues for sensitive eyes.
  • What brand of eyelash extensions do you use?
    I support a local minnesota woman owned business Avari Beauty; Kari Tribble has amazing eyelash extensions & products! They are amazing quality and last a very long time.
  • What are eyelash extensions?
    Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent eyelash extensions composed of individual synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate your natural eyelash. They are applied to one individual eyelash, one extension at a time, for a natural, elegant look to lengthen and add fullness to your existing lashes.
  • How long does the Lash Extension Session take?
    Application for a full set of new lashes takes around 1.5 - 3 hours depending on what kind of set you choose. Classic sets take less time whereas volume sets, where each fan is individually created during application, take longer. Maintenance appointments (lash fills) generally take 45 minutes to one hour.
  • How long do eyelash extensions last?
    Since each eyelash extension is applied directly to your lashes, the extensions fall off as your body naturally sheds its own eyelashes. Hair cycle time lengths vary from person to person. With proper care, your lash extensions should typically last from 3-5 weeks. You can do things to extend the life of your lash extensions by avoiding water submersion, oil-based makeup or makeup remover, and eye makeup around the lash glue bond.
  • Will it be uncomfortable during the application?
    There is a slight discomfort to most people when they have lash extensions applied. The discomfort comes from the lower eyelids being gently taped down to avoid any hair from the bottom lid to interfere with the top lashes being extended. Some people also find a little sensitivity to the fumes from the cleaning solution or glue. This sensitivity usually settles down after a few minutes and you may experience your eyes watering. The application can tickle until you get used to the sensation. After your lashes have been applied, they should feel like your own natural lashes – meaning, you shouldn’t feel them very much at all.
  • Can I wear contacts during the appointment?
    Yes, you can! You don't need to take them out unless you decide you want to. I also want to note that you should have no issues with eyelash extensions and contacts or glasses. Depending on how long your extensions are, they may brush up against your glass frames, but other than that - you should have no issue.
  • Can I choose the style and length of my eyelash extensions?
    Yes! You can select your style by looking at the photo above, bringing in a photo to show me, or by coming up with an idea along with myself! You can also select the lashes I have for added length, volume, or both. At your consultation, we will discuss your desired look and the type of extensions that will blend most naturally with your own lashes for a beautiful result you will love.
  • Are eyelash extensions safe for watery eyes and allergies?
    In most cases, yes. Eyelashes can serve an important role in keeping dust and debris out of the eyes. Some people with allergies have found that lash extensions actually improve watery eyes and redness because the longer lashes keep more external irritants away. Pretty cool, huh! Other people with sensitive eyes and allergies can be too sensitive to the glues we use to adhere the extensions to the natural eyelash and are not suited to have them. We can try a sensitive glue and do a patch test to make sure this doesn't happen.
  • Can I go swimming or get my lash extensions wet?
    You can treat your eyelash extensions much as you treat your own lashes. Extra care must be taken for the first 24-48 hours after application – do not get wet or submerge in water. Extended exposure to hot water or chlorine may weaken the bond and cause you to lose lashes sooner than you would otherwise. But you can shower and wash your face as usual.
  • Do eyelash extensions look natural?
    When applied properly, eyelash extensions should look very natural and hard to distinguish from your natural lashes. The only giveaway may be their incredible length and volume! Lash extensions come in various lengths and thicknesses. At your consultation, I will examine your natural lashes for texture and thickness and recommend a match that will result in the most natural appearance.
  • What kind of training, qualifications, or certification do you have to do eyelash extensions?"
    This depends on each State's requirements. In some States, you will need to be a licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician, or Lash Technician with an active license to perform these services. It is also preferred to have certification and specific training in this field. In other States, you just need to be certified and trained. I currently have an active Cosmetologist Licensed and Salon Manager in the state of MN. I am privileged to have been educated by Avari Beauty in Lash Extensions. You may look up my licensed by clicking here. ***Link: Or
  • Is there anyone who cannot or should not have Eyelash Extensions applied?
    Because eyelash extensions are applied to existing natural lashes, an individual must have some natural lashes for the procedure. Eyelash Extensions should not, and in many cases cannot be applied to clients who have alopecia, are undergoing chemotherapy, or those who suffer from Trichotillomania, unless and until the individual has received effective treatment and normal lash growth has resumed. Skin Sensitivity: Although the adhesive is developed to be safe for use on the skin, eyelash extensions are never applied to the skin, therefore allergic reactions due to contact with adhesives are rare. Individuals with allergies to other cosmetics or fragrances may experience some sensitivity to ingredients in some of the other materials used to apply eyelash extensions such as sensitive skin medical tape. Cancer/Chemotherapy Recovery: Cancer patients can begin having eyelash extensions applied once chemotherapy has completed and lashes are beginning to grow-in again. During this initial stage, the lashes are weaker and thinner than they originally were. eyelash extensions thin (.10mm) lashes can be applied during this stage to thicken the lash line without causing stress to these weakened lashes. As stronger lashes start to grow, eyelash extensions thick (.15mm) lashes can be added for more fullness. For cancer patients whose lashes are growing back sporadically, I can typically use special techniques to compensate for any gaps. Alopecia: Eyelash Extensions should only be applied once lash growth has resumed. As with cancer recovery patients, special techniques can be used to add additional fullness during the regrowth period to compensate for any gaps. Trichotillomania: Individuals with Trichotillomania (an impulse disorder characterized by the urge to pull eyelashes and other hair out) do not make good candidates for eyelash extensions unless and until they have received effective treatment. Extensions may provide a stronger urge for these individuals to pull at their lashes if they are not undergoing treatment.
  • What style of lash extension can I choose from?
    It's important to customize lash styles for you and come up with the perfect look that suits your face shape and personality. Here are some ideas for styles we can do, but feel free to bring a photo or an idea that you would like us to create for you! Natural Eye, Cat Eye, Baby Doll Eye, Bombshell Eye There are 3 types of Lash Extensions styles referred to as Classic, Blended and Volume Sets. All the lash fans are hand made during each individuals appointment. Using different lengths, curls and lightweight synthetic fiber lash extensions to suit each individual desired look. CLASSIC SET :Natural volume. One extension is applied per one eyelash. BLENDED SET :Medium volume. A mix of Classics and Volume. VOLUME SET :High volume. Lightweight handmade fans are created and applied per one eyelash.
  • What should I expect within the first 24-48 hours after application?
    - Your face should be cleaned carefully on a daily basis; avoid splashing load amounts of water directly into or around your eyes and eyelash extensions. - Make sure to gently cleanse lash with an oil-free cleanser after the first 24 hours to keep bacteria away. Do this daily to avoid bacteria growth and blepharitis. - DO NOT swim, use hot tubs, or steam rooms/saunas for 24-48 hours after application. - DO NOT expose or submerge eyelash extensions to water or steam for the first 24-48 hours after application.
  • What lash prep care should I do before my appointment?
    When you arrive for your appointment be sure that your lashes and skin around your eyes are clean and free of makeup or oily residues.
  • This is my first time getting eyelash extensions, should i do a patch test?"
    If this is your first time getting eyelash extensions from me, you have the option to do a patch test before your appointment. A patch test is done at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment to make sure you don't have a reaction to the adhesives used for your extensions. This is particularly important for people with sensitive eyes, or for those who have known sensitivity to other forms of adhesives. A patch test is done by placing two extensions on the outer corner of your lash line on both eyes and you will be asked to monitor it in case you have a reaction. Patch tests take 10 minutes and you must schedule one with me 48 hours prior to your appointment.
  • How do I take care of my eyelash extensions?
    1. Be careful to allow moisturizers, oily eye creams, or any oily makeup removers to come too close to your lash extensions. I prefer using We Love Eyes Tea Tree Eyelid & Eyelash Foaming Cleanser & makeup brush to cleanse the lashes & extensions. 2. Cleanse in the Morning, Evening or Twice a day. Use ONLY water-soluble products, oil-free products around your eyes. Be aware that rubbing, pulling, picking or over-cleansing the lashes will cause premature loss of lash extensions. 3. Make sure to comb through your lashes with clean mascara wand every day to keep them straight and to help them grow out nicely. 4. I advise against the use of mascara with lash extensions. Mascara weakens the bond and makes lash extensions fall out faster. However, if you choose to wear mascara, make sure that it is oil-free mascara and NOT waterproof mascara. I recommend purchasing Lash Extension Sealer it’s clear in color and comes with a mascara wand attached. It’s used in replace to mascara to protect eyelash extensions from oils, moisture, and dust. Sealer also helps to extend the life of your eyelash extensions. 5. DO NOT use an curler with eyelash extensions. 6. After the first 24 hours, occasional short visits to the steam room/sauna is fine. However, daily or extensive exposure to steam or intense heat may cause bonding agent to loosen. If this happens, more frequent maintenance visits will be needed. 7. Try to sleep on your back. This is important directly following your application since the glue takes a while to completely dry. After a night or two, resume your normal sleeping position. 8. Be gentle with your lashes. Resist playing with them. Your eyelashes shed naturally (approximately 1-5 every day). Rubbing and twisting the extensions can cause them to fall off. If an extension looks out of place, avoid playing with it or twisting or pulling it off. Let them go through their natural growth cycle and fall out on their own. 9. When removing your eye makeup, gently go over the area with a cleansing wipe instead of placing cotton puffs or pads over your lids.
  • How do I book for my wedding / bridal services?
    Email with your wedding date requests. As soon as I have a chance to review your request details, & confirm that I have the requested date available, I will connect you to move forward with wedding day details and forms. Congradulations!
  • How can I book my hair trial?
    i perform all bridal trails in-salon at Phenix Salon Suites in Edina, MN. You can call/text, email or book online. Tel: (651)356-5243 I highly recommend booking a hair trial as CLOSE to your wedding day as possible (no more than 2-3 weeks out is ideal.) Practice Runs/ Trails are included in" Bride To Be" and "Dreams Come True" Packages.If you purchased or wish to purchase a Bridal Package from me listed below. BrideToBe (Hairstyle&MakeupforEngagement+PracticeRuns+DayofWedding) $600 Dreams Come True (Hairstyle & Makeup for Day of Wedding + Practice Runs) $500 The Perfect Day (Hairstyle & Makeup for Day of Wedding) $400 If you wish to have an addtional Trail Run it will be $75.
  • What should I bring to my hair trial?
    Yourself, any accessories, hair extensions, and/or a veil if you're considering wearing one! Maybe Mom or a girlfriend for shits and giggles - mostly giggles. Let's pop some bubbly!
  • Is there a price difference between updos & down styles?
    No. I charge one flat rate per bridesmaid/MOB across the board. Down styles are NOT quicker, because I spend extra time on setting, and making sure these curls are going to last for an entire wedding day. It's not the same as every day curls. I charge for a combination of my time and experience, and not for what look we choose. $85 for hairstyle.
  • Should I get extensions for my wedding day?
    The short answer is extensions add so much fullness and make everything more amazing. The long answer is, it really depends on the look and style you're going for on wedding day, and what type of hair you already have to work with. In general, most of the big, boho braids and down styles you see on pinterest & on instagram involve some type of extensions. So unless you're naturally blessed by the hair gods in both length and thickness, you'll most likely need some artificial help to acheive that specific look. For many updos, extensions aren't always necessary.
  • Should I come with Clean or Dirty Hair?
    Please come to your appointment with CLEAN, DRY HAIR.You may even part your hair the direction you desire to be ready for me to style. If you know for a fact you don't have oily hair, day old hair is fine. But any natural oil/grease at the scalp is extremely difficult to work with. I can always make clean hair dirty but it's harder to make dirty hair clean in a time crunch.
  • How should I prep my hair for wedding day?
    This varies for each person, depending on hair type. We will discuss a customized plan for your hair prep at your trial. If you have fine hair that doesn't hold a curl well, it's best to prep with a volumizing foam. If you have extremely curly or highly textured hair, & you know you'd like it smoothed out for the big day, it's best to get a blow out the day prior.
  • When should the bride get their hair done on wedding day?
    Preferrably not first, and not last. Somewhere in the middle is great! I always plan an hour for my brides. If possible, it's best to have makeup done first, so your makeup artist won't have to be so careful not to ruin the hair when applying airbrush, moving hair out of your face, etc. We can always trade ladies in and out too, to make sure the bride is done by a designated time. For example, if I have a bridesmaid in my chair, and we need to get started on the bride in order to have her finished by a specific time, we can flip-flop, and then return to doing the bridesmaid's hair after the bride is all finished being glammed up!
  • How long does hair take for each person?
    I plan an hour for my brides, & 35-45 minutes for every other person. If we have the time, it's always a good idea to have a 30 minute window at the end for wiggle room. I'll set, spray and touch up any pieces before i have to leave.
  • How do I book you for my Senior Photos?
    You may book online, email, call or text for your appointment. email: tel: 1 (651) 356-5243 Both : $100 Makeup or Hair : $75 Touchs Onsite : $100
  • Do you offer Airbrush Foundation and Faux Lashes?
    Yes and is included in makeup application. I offer six different handmade eyelashes available on my shop now!
  • Does my photographer pay you?
    No, I am not included in your photographer price rates.
  • Do you offer onsite touch ups?
    Yes, I will go onsite to location and touch up or change makeup and hair to whatever you desire for your photos.
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