Trim Me

Cutting  — All cutting services include shampoo, conditioner & style.

(45  – 1 hour 15 mins)

Long Hair — $45+

(Chin length or longer) 

Includes shampoo, dry cut & your choice of style.

Rebook every 5 -10 weeks for maintaining your look.

Short Hair — $35+

(Chin length or shorter) 

Includes shampoo, dry cut & your choice of style.

Rebook every 3-6 weeks for maintaining your look.

Men — $30+

Includes shampoo & cut.  Rebook  every 3-6 weeks.

Children under 12 — $25+

Includes shampoo & cut. Rebook every 3-4 months

Color Me

Coloring — All coloring services include shampoo, conditioner & style.

(1 – 3 hours)

New Growth Retouch — $60

A beautiful choice for maintaining gray coverage. Choose between a variety of light and dark color tones. 

Includes color coverage on a

1/2 inch or more of new growth.

Rebook every 3-6 weeks for maintaining your desired look.

All Over Color — $80

w/ cut $100

Transform your color every few months! Choose between light, dark, cool, warm, neutral and any color of the rainbow that makes your heart sing. 

Includes all over color coverage from new growth to your ends. 


Rebook every 4-8 weeks to refreshen the color tones of your desired look. 


Color Corrections — $300+

As the Salon Professional providing a color correction service; Most clients desire a look that is unachievable without allowing time for their natural hair to repair and grow. If you have previous existing non-professional hair color or damage.

 I will need to know the history of hair chemical services you've received. 

I want to ensure that you leave my chair with healthy hair then you arrived.



Blonde Me

Blonding — All lightening services include toners, treatment & style.

 ( 2 hours +)

Babylights — $50

Quick touch up for all blondes looking to add natural-looking highlights around the face and top area of the head around their natural parting. 


It’s a wonderful introduction to going lighter for the first time!


Rebook every 3-7 weeks to maintain this beautiful look.

Partial Foil — $100

w/ cut – $125 +

Recommended for fine hair textures to create more depth and weight in the hair by adding dimension with light and dark pieces of color.


Applying foils only around the top crown and sides of the head area.Cost may vary depending on length and density of hair.


Rebook every 4-8 weeks to maintain your gorgeous color tones. 

Full Foil — $150 

w/ cut $180 +


Perfect for all textures wanting to change their all over color tone to a lighter shade of color.


Involves applying foils all around the head.

Cost may vary depending on length and density of hair.


Rebook every 4-10 weeks to maintain all over highlights 

All Over Blonde — $180 +

w/ cut – $210+


Blonde, Blonder & Blondest! This is for all blonde lovers who love blonde to show from scalp to ends.


Includes toner to minimize unwanted tones. Cost may vary depending on length and density of hair.

Rebook every 3-5 weeks to maintain the bombshell blonde look.

Toners  — $40



Toners are like receiving a top coat of nail polish, but for your hair. Toner's calm down any unwanted color tones from the lightening process. It's meant to seal down and nourish your hairs health after going blonde.  ​


Rebook every 3-5 weeks to maintain the desired color tone. Takes less than an hour to refresh!


“Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.”

Yogi Bhajan

Transform Me

Specialty Color — Express your personality with a little color!

Ombre — $150 +

It is taken from the French word meaning “shaded or shading”. Ombre hair is generally darker at the new growth through the mid-shaft & then gets lighter in tone from mid-shaft to ends.


This technique creates a beautiful way of shading color hues from dark to light with any hair length. All lightening services include toners, treatments & style.

Appointments can take up to 3+ hours, please plan accordingly. Rebook every

3-4 months.


Balayage —$175 +


Balayage is taken from the French word meaning "to sweep". They are hand painted highlights that are customized to each individual. Recommended for those who are wanting a low maintenance look.


This technique creates a gradual lightening effect that leaves the hair with a more natural, sun-kissed look. All lightening services include toners, treatment & style.


Appointments can take up to 3+ hours, please plan accordingly. Rebook every 3-4 months.

Vivids — $200 +

Vivid; is an adjective that describes a bright, bold color that is really eye catching & intense. Pick any color of the rainbow!​


Vivids range from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, silver & more. Vivids have given hair artists everything they need to mix & create endless color possibilities. All lightening services include toners, treatments & style.

Vivids appointments can take 4+ hours, please plan accordingly. Rebook for toners every 3-6 weeks to transform your color.

All speciality color requires a $50 non-refundable deposit

 at time of free consultation. Deposit goes towards service fee. 

Style  Me

Styling — Simply making your hair dreams come true!

 ( 45 – 1 hour & 30 mins)

Blowout — $40+


Includes shampoo & conditioner, and blow-dry with the style of your preference.


Perfect for long, thick and coarse hair guests who are looking to transform their style!


Rebook weekly for endless perfect hair days! 

 On-Site Weddings


Send me an email  with your Name, Contact Information (Phone or Email), "Save the Date" to

and I'll respond as soon as possible!

Special Event Styling — $50 +


Come with clean, dry hair for your appointment! I'll create magic styling your hair to your specific preferences.


Book me when you have a special event, dinner date, or celebration when you are planning the night on the town!  

Pamper Me

Hair Treatment 

w/ Blowout  — $45+


Transform weak, broken and brittle strands into stronger, more resilient hair.


Hair Treatment proven to reduce hair breakage by 80% with the ability to hydrate and add silky shine.


The advanced treatment, two-step technology repairs years of damage and restores super-soft texture while protecting from future damage.


Rebook between every other transform me services for long- lasting healthy hair!


w/  Blowout— $45+


Enhance your shampooing experience with Aromatherapy by selecting any Youngliving Essential oil of your choice!


Aromatherapy has many health benefits like the ability to reduce anxiety, ease depression, eliminate headaches, reduce pain, induces sleep, boost energy levels and can even speed up the healing process. It's known to strengthen the immune system, improve digestion and increases circulation. 

Facial Waxing

I'll take care of those unwanted hairs,

Appointments last around 15 minutes.


Brows — $20

Lips — $10

Chin — $10

Rebook every 4- 6 weeks to maintain your desired brow shape!

Treat Yo' Self—Stay a little longer because you deserve it!

 ( 15 Minutes  - 45 Minutes )

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